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CA has been accused of influencing many of the elections around the world including the recent election for the Americans that saw Donald Trump emerge the winner (Lin 5). The company is partly owned by Robert Mercer who has been supporting many of the political conservatives. It has three main offices, one in New York, London and the other one in Washington D. C. Cambridge Analytica has a website platform that it uses in releasing communication messages to the public. " In this link has all the news that touches CA will be released to the public domain. The language used for the release of these statements is English with detailed information in regards to the issue raised to the public To access this information from their website is only through the click of a mouse or a touchpad.

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The website does not require one to register with them so that you can access the information that they have the release. On the news center of CA, it has five sections depending on the nature of the news released to the public. It has the “All “section, Blog, press coverage, press releases, and video. They respond to them that no data from Global Science Research (GSR) was used for campaigning against Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign. In the course topic, public relations and communications which involve public, stakeholders and relationship management should be involved in ensuring that CA has solved its problems and go back to normal. This paper will identify all the stakeholders that should be involved or linked to the crisis that is surrounding Cambridge Analytica.

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With public relations (PR) it involves building one's reputation with an aim of understanding and supporting opinions and behavior. It an appropriate measure used to upholding goodwill and joint understandings amongst an organization and the public. For the issue to do with Cambridge Analytica, it has involved two companies. This is Facebook and CA where Facebook is blaming CA for illegally using their data for wrong reasons. Key people that can be considered to be stakeholders of CA include; Robert Mercer and Rebekah Mercer who are investors for the company while its parent who is SCL Group Limited. These are key stakeholders that enable the company to have the required resources and autonomy to operate. Functional linkages are on the other hand linkages that are crucial for any function of an organization.

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Normative linkages are that linkage that has groups or associations that have people who share a common interest. Stakeholders in this linkage usually have the same interest. They usually share the same goals or problems. For this case, both CA and their customers can be considered to be sharing the same linkage. Their main aim is to convince the public on selecting things that they want them to select or vote in. These show how the media houses have deep changed and not conclusive on the issues that are affecting the public. After the in masking of the conversation between the 4 News undercover reported who posed as a Sri Lanka business man CA (2018) indicates that the report was edited and scripted thus misrepresenting the nature of the conversation that were held.

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The media has also been “Misinformed” Chris Wylie, the whistle blower misrepresentation. He has been heard several times to be admitting that he was the company shareholder which CA has refuted the claims in the media saying he was just a part-time contractor working for Cambridge in the year 2014, July. The company has also added that he did not have any knowledge of the companies’ work or practice. Through Ads that would taint the picture of the other candidate were used by CA so that the other candidate emerges victorious. Through this CA says that their Ads were able to be viewed a billion times by Millions of Americans. This may be considered unethical; electorates are usually left alone to choose whoever they want to elect not be wrongfully persuaded on whom to vote for.

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As noted from the website the PR materials have been presented and organized in a way that the public can easily access it. Just after opening the Cambridge Analytica website the section of latest news links comes from the top of the website. They should ensure they enhance the website appeal making it strong. The website should impress rather than be shocking. For instance, the news link should be placed at the right end on the homepage to some point it can be seen clearly. It should improve communication with its stakeholders such as the customers and clients. Customers should come first; the communication of CA should ensure they cater for its clients and customers first. Inoue, T. (2002) McCombs, Maxwell E.

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