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According to research undertaken at various platforms, this has been seen as a common form of social and public phobia. Public speaking is such a tool which is required at all levels. In order to express oneself appropriately, it is most important to ensure that this type of anxiety and fear is overcome in an effective manner. There are more than 80% of individuals who are affected as a result of this anxiety. As a result of this issue, there are numerous psychological and mental problems which have to be faced by the person affected due to this stigma. Another important symptom, as discussed by researchers is that any such event in future could cause immediate restlessness which could not be reduced by any assurances.

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Such individuals could even face insomnia in case of any upcoming event. They find it really difficult to communicate with their friends and even family. Their social circle is quite small and they are known as introverts since they avoid any form of communication with other people. Ashlock, Brantley, and Taylor (2015) have focused on a similar phenomenon in their research. This changes their personality structure completely and leads to a state of apprehension and fear. They are always nervous and do not feel safe during their entire career. In this way, the researchers of this paper have suggested that academic pressure leads to public and social anxiety, thereby robing the students of their inner peace and tranquility. As a result of research released by National Institute of health, there is a growing realization that the problem of social or anxiety disorder would come forward at an early age in childhood.

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The symptoms of anxiety could show up at any moment when the child could not cope up with huge academic burden. There were two reasons due to which both these individuals were selected for interview. One was that both suffered from public anxiety due to which they could aid in understanding the basic difficulties and hurdles faced by these people. Other than this, they were also asked numerous questions based on treatment therapies effective for this issue so that individuals could be helped in overcoming any similar problem on their own. The focus of this study is basically the therapies used in order to overcome public anxiety issue so that the efficiency as well as effectiveness of each method could be ascertained in detail.

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Before conducting this study, a written consent was taken from both individuals. Therefore, it was apparent that employee had a slightly higher degree problem as compared to students. Both participants were asked about their reaction in a crisis situation. This situation was described as their ability to deliver a speech in front of audience with only 30 minutes for preparation. Student replied that he would completely freak out since emergency situations always elevate his anxiety levels. Manager was a bit more confident that he would be able to deal with such situation, however, he also confirmed that he had elevated anxiety issues in case of any emergency or crises situation. However, they were not useful at all. Currently, he is involved in yoga classes.

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According to him, indulging in deep meditation has aided him a lot in this regard and has allowed him to overcome fear of audience. Through these meditations, any type of social anxiety could be resolved by resorting to inner happiness and peace. He has advised everyone suffering from same issue to go for such meditations at least once in life. In this process, the data collected from both participants was amalgamated to come up with a proper solution for individuals affected by public anxiety. Possible conclusions This research has confirmed that emergency situations could elevate the anxiety level of both students and employees. They would need to practice their skills daily so that they could react sensibly in such situation. Through this study, it could also be concluded that social anxiety issues such as public anxiety problems could be overcome effectively with the help of therapies.

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