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Case Study 1 WEEK 2: Foundations of Ethical Reasoning TITLE STORY: ABC, Malcolm Turnbull won't regulate sex between politicians and their staffers. SECTION: POLITICS DISPLAY NEWS STORY: The Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull, has reacted to a call for formal regulations to be incorporated. He mentioned that banning sex between members of staff and the politicians ought not to be compulsory. Cathy McGowan proposed that a discussion must start concerning the requirement for regulations and associations between MPs and their workers. The debated emerged subsequent to the exposure Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, was in a new relation with her previous media personal assistant and was pregnant for him. These two segments of people’s concept of virtue results in what Aristotle termed as “moral theory of virtue” since it is the combination of these two segments (McKerlie, 1998).

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Aristotle explained that theory using the central objective, eudemonia, as being a vital idea of discovering the middle ground in an individual’s life or attaining equilibrium. In this case, Malcom Turnbull as the Prime Minister rational comprehension of virtue allowed him to do what is right in the case of the Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, and his media personal assistant. He chose not to comment on their relationship because he felt that all human beings had the right to choose who they would associate with as long as they are both adults of 18 years and above. Malcom knew that his comments as the Prime Minister would stir outrage from the public since people look up to dignitaries for moral course of actions.

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The last person one has purchased drugs from might seem perfectly delightful although one can more or less be sure that somewhere down the sequence, threats and violence have taken place to deliver the drugs. Similarly, pornography, though not all pornography is manipulative, ought to be restricted. Forbidding it would not be the answer to the issues of exploitation. However, it would be developed and circulated on the Internet, frequently devoid of control or categorization. CASE STUDY DISCUSSION: A custom emerging in the late eighteenth and nineteenth century by economist and English philosophers mentioned that an act is proper if it has the intentions of endorsing happiness and wrong if it has intentions to generate the opposite of happiness (Mill, 2016). There is more harm caused to the people distributing the drugs compared to the delight it brings the cartels and the drug abusers in Australia.

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The suppliers of cocaine risk being incarcerated, dying, receiving threats, and being violated by their superiors. Thus, this case goes against the principle of utilitarianism because more people are distressed rather than contented in the cocaine business. On the issue of pornography, it would be right to say that watching pornography works for the Utilitarian premise since it makes more people happy. Watching pornography has a tendency of reducing sexual actions which when one engages in carelessly would result in deadly ailments like STDs, STIs, and even AIDS. The mission was accomplished, although people should have considered whether individuals who got assistance of others could be influenced by cameras. CASE STUDY DISCUSSION: The Kantian theory is a responsibility-based or deontological ethics that deals with what people do and not with the outcomes of what they do.

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Under this moral premise, one cannot justify an action by showing that it generated good results, which why it is sometimes termed as non-consequentialist (Bowie, 1998). Ethics that are duty-based are generally what people are deliberating when they imply “the principle of a thing. ” Morals that are duty-based impart knowledge concerning some actions being wrong or right due to the kind of things they are, and individuals have the responsibility to act accordingly, in spite of the bad or good outcomes that may generate (Hanna, 2011). Second is to determine the main standard and values to be applied. This means finding out what implications and restrictions are typically joined to the contending principles. The third step is to categorize the standards or values that are the most essential based on one’s professional decisions to the concern.

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