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Outdoor team building activities are necessary, they get to bring together employees in different environments that are more comfortable and informal compared to the office setting. Teambuilding is also essential in creating a positive relationship between the subordinates and their managers, and the working condition is improved. Teambuilding activities should be tailor-made to accommodate all employees without discrimination or else the intended goal will not be achieved. Managers are expected to exercise control of their power when motivating employees about such activities. Bases of Power and Rewards John Welton, the owner of We-R-Radio, had legitimate authority to suggest the best team building activity that he felt was the best for his employees. This strategy of exercising power over the people could also be supported by withholding specific benefits and rewards for those who fail to comply as expected.

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For instance, they would have been required to cater for their costs during the process. Welton had power over his employees based on his experience and information about the mountain climbing. Having a home close to the area meant he was informed of the terrain and how it would be relevant in helping his team foster good teamwork (Kirby 4). As an individual who owns a radio station, he was an expert with ideas on how to motivate employees through teambuilding. This sought to protect the company from any lawsuits that may arise if any of the employees got injured in an event sponsored by the company. Also, calling for employees to keep fit and get ready for the mission with specific materials and equipment was a technical control mechanism to ensure that they are well prepared for the challenge ahead.

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Bureaucratic control is evident when Welton expresses concern that he is the majority, therefore, whether people agree to have the mountain madness for four days. next year he still has the last say on the matter. This is ignorance of the people’s views. This manager was courageous enough to prove that he was not willing to partake in any event that was against his will and desires. By quitting openly, this was a form of overt resistance, unlike other managers who were resigning secretly. Covert resistance has been consistent in most parts of the case study. For instance, when Welton suggested that the event will happen for four days, next year people were exhausted and suggested going to bed and rest, this was convert resistance since it was not open.

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Welton felt it because he said he was the majority and they were going to do it anyway (Clyne, et al. This is evident because he did not consider other people’s wishes or opinions. He is domineering and authoritative since his power is not questionable. I think that Welton’s style in ineffective. Team building should be an entertaining and interactive affair however due to his style people felt tired and discriminated, and in the long run, the goal of team building is not achieved. It is also ineffective since none of the mangers is consulted and the project affects them. Employee’s freedoms and choices should be assured at all times. Statements made should not be discriminatory nor should they interfere with an employee’s private life.

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