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This study notes the behavioral observations and developmental indicators of her childhood over a long period of time I have been interacting with her as well as the interview that I conducted with her care-giver. This study is based on the developmental indicators outlined in the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development (NC Foundations). These foundations are the guiding principles that help the parents on what they should be teaching their children before joining kindergarten (Bozhovich 22). These indicators also help the teachers, parents, school administrators, policy makers and educators to develop common goals and objectives tailored towards preparing these children for education goals and other fundamental skills required through their lives. The purpose of this document is to prepare the teachers and caregivers in understanding the developmental and learning processes in young children.

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” At this point she paints the leaves of the flowers with a green paint while she uses pink, white and yellow on some of the petals of the flowers. She has mastered the colors of a flower and therefore, she is able to use of these colors on the specific parts of the flower. This shows how she has developed good mastery of language and her communication is audible and sensible to others. While at the playground, Jane and her friends took turns to pretend they were riding unicorns. She displayed great imaginative skills she galloped alongside her friends around the field. This has been achieved by giving names of objects in both Korean and English languages. For instance, Jane has developed the cognitive development indicators because she is able to accurately count numbers in both Korean and English languages.

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Her understand of dual language is a desirable developmental indicator that Jane has shown. In terms of health and physical development, Jane explore healthy foods and this is observed from the way she is able to pour herself a class of milk or how she is able to wash and cut fruits. She is also able to dress herself well but requires assistance with zippers and buttons only. Another strength that Jane displayed is her ability to care for herself. She is very keen in tying the knots on her shoes as well as dressing herself. She has also developed emotionally because she interacts with her friends at school through plays and group activities. This is also clear from the way she is emotionally attached to her pet and the toys by showing a sense of responsibility and caring for her kitten at home.

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