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The child care in America can be provided in two ways, that is home care or center-based care. The center based care is somehow more expensive than that of home care; it is also linked to the care of the infants which is also more expensive than the toddler care. Most of the family expenses have been added to the childcare which has taken more percentage than some of the family expense like transport and food. Most of the child care depends on the age of the children and also the location at which the child is taken care of. The economy of the country also determines the cost of child care expense (Singer, 2017). The United States is one of the countries that do not require employers to provide even a single day of paid parental leave.

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This means that the parents have to leave their children with child care providers and report to duty (Mishel, 2016). This means that the more the parent is going to leave the child to be taken care off, the more the cost will increase. Some of the parents are forced to leave the children with family members, neighbors or even friends. This is to reduce the cost that one undergoes while the child is being taken off by the child care providers. Adults have much responsibility for the daily experiences that the child undergoes. At least in every four infants, there should be one adult supervising that is in a child care center while in family child care home six children can be taken care of by one adult.

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Also, the staff must be showing awareness of the activities that are going on in the centers thus being able to maintain higher standards and also close supervision (Burchinal, 2015). Trained and qualified educators; this is to ensure that the trainers understand their roles and they work towards perfection. Having the care providers trained helps them to provide the child with quality learning and development. This indicates that a community has residents that are united by a common thread. People who build up a community mostly in today’s world depend on a community for practical purposes. Most people are part of a community for life’s requirements; similarly, they are part of a community because there is something exquisite about being a part of a group of people who carve up something significant than geographical location.

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Moreover one cannot have a presence in a community if one is not present. This paper will discuss how to work with families to create a sense of community (Tonnies & Loomis, 2017). • Reach to others It’s essential for parents to teach their children how to be kind. This may involve giving some extra help to some of the community members who are sick, those without family members who are deployed or the injured. • Celebrating the good times Various parties are held in a community, and one can create the sense of a community by involvement in some of these celebrations. Whether it is a formal gathering or a get- together it is essential to participate in the celebrations and also invite the neighbors when celebrating with your family.

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