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To start with, it is important to know that information flows between our stakeholders, our suppliers, employees, our consumers and most important between various departmental managers, who are at the heart of running the company. With a working strategic plan, information sharing is vital for better and faster decision making. In particular, as a director of information sharing, I ensure that there are available, working and efficient methods of communication between all parties by managing information and designing work process to facilitate sharing of information. According to Pulizzi (p. Coca-Cola company was invented way back in 1886 as a beverage producing entity and currently operates in more than 200 countries. However, there are many failures which can be attributed to improper communication channels both vertically and horizontally. Vertical communication takes place between exchange of information form one level to another and horizontal being information exchange at the same level. Whereas horizontal communications help in professional identification, vertical communication is a predictor of organizational identification (Bartels et al. Coca-Cola Company This company was invented in 1886, and the main aim was fountain beverages through mixing carbon water with syrup. Up to date, the company operates in more than 200 countries and performs at a revenue value of around $31. billion (Pulizzi 47). Main Issues The company has become decentralized due to spreading of misleading information; for instance, coca cola company denied it was testing a machine that was to raise price relative to temperatures after a public outcry when CEO M. Douglas Ivester mused about it in 1999 (Bilton, p.

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Poor management of the company resources has dramatically impacted the company negatively. Under my investigation, vertical communication of the wrong information has been taking place hence communication plan need to be developed to facilitate smooth flow of information. The non-official information practices have contradicted communication from the consumer to the management. For example, Doug Ivester, the then CEO of Coca cola had introduced a cramped management style where he did not take advice from people and the company declined a lot before he was forced to resign (Bestsy, p. Also managing human resource outside our control has been a significant contradiction in realizing the company goal of smooth information sharing. Achieving scopes of the economics of scale and the cost production have become a substantial problem in this global strategy issue.

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However, sharing information in the organization is important, it results to time pressures and there is a risk that the information might be futile (Ellison 114). org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR300/RR380/RAND_RR380. pdf Figure 3. shows modes of information sharing between organizations. Available at: https://www. rand. Positive effects This Information sharing practices leads to the creation of a successful and strong relationship. According to Welch (p. Internal sharing of information reinforces organizational effectiveness as it leads to positive internal relationships through facilitation of communication between employee and senior managers. It is important as it result to the building of trust and a mutual benefit among key players. The practice will also embrace the company’s core values hence can strengthen and support communities. For example, Smart grid is a modern electric power grid infrastructure that enhances reliability and efficiency in communication through either automated control, sensing and metering technologies, high power converters, modern management techniques which are tailored towards optimization of demand, network availability, energy etc.

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Gungor, p. With smart grid type of information sharing, the right channel of information transmission can be developed from the top of the management to lower level management teams who respond accordingly and in time to various issues and problems. The company should build a healthy business relationship with its customers, hence can achieve the professional approach to rules as well as discipline is maintained. The strategy of information sharing practice should broaden from the grassroots, therefore, will strengthen the position and build the name of the corporate reputation. According to Weller et al. p. barriers to effective communication can be overcome through education, psychological as well as organizational strategies. The information sharing practices, therefore gives guidelines for aligning to work across the workers and those providing other services in the company.

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The company is looking for a strong relationship between the company and the consumers that will help build a firm basis for a ready market of the company’s products hence improving on the time taken to make supplies and deliveries. “Information sharing and analysis organizations (isaos). ” Department of homeland security, 5 apr. www. Dhs. Gov. journalCode=pr Betsy Morris (2000). What Really Happened At Coke Doug Ivester was a demon for information. But he couldn't see what was coming at the showdown in Chicago available at. fortune. com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2000/01/10/271736/index. Sa. Gov. Au, 2018, Http://www. Ombudsman. Sa.  Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research 33. sagepub. com/doi/abs/10. Pirson, Michael, and Deepak Malhotra. Unconventional insights for managing stakeholder trust. journalCode=ccij Treem, “knowledge management: everyone benefits by sharing information. ” U. S. Department of transportation/federal highway administration, www.

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Fhwa. bmj. com/content/early/2014/01/07/postgradmedj-2012-131168. short Xyrichis, Andreas, and Karen Lowton. What fosters or prevents interprofessional teamworking in primary and community care? A literature review.  International journal of nursing studies 45.

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