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Deporting all these people is unrealistic and inhumane. Most of these illegal immigrants are law- abiding, hard- working and tax- paying individuals who significantly contribute to the economic well-being of the nation. Several hundred thousand unauthorized foreigners continue migrating to America in every year. Over the past decade, the Congress has debated comprehensive immigration reform but has failed to enact former President Barack Obama’s three-pronged package on immigration: new and expanded guest worker programs, legalization for most unauthorized foreigners, and tougher enforcement against unauthorized migration. The best solution to the immigration problem is granting legal status and citizenship to the illegal immigrants. S. Constitution grants automatic “birthright citizenship” to American-born children of undocumented immigrants. Tightening border security to prevent immigrants is ineffective and detrimental to the economy.

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II. Illegal immigrants positively contribute to the national economy A. When these employees work in the United States, they improve the living standards in the country and increase the per capita income. b. Skilled illegal immigrants bring diverse talents and expertise in the country. Unskilled illegal immigrants fill the job positions that native-born Americans deem as low-class. c. b. Granting legal status and citizenship to the illegal immigrants would mean increased demand for infrastructure and housing, which encourages the growth of business. The construction of these infrastructure and housing ensures improved living standards and growth of national economy. III. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U. If born in the U. S. , they should automatically be considered as American citizens regardless of their parents being illegal immigrants.

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B. Children of undocumented immigrants should be given automatic American citizenship because they had no say in their parents’ decision to move to the U. The children of illegal immigrants are not liable to their parent’s mistakes a. Denying citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants would mean that the authorities are punishing the children for sins committed by their parents. b. Breaking the law should not be a determining factor in granting automatic citizenship children of illegal immigrants. c. IV. Tightening border security to prevent immigrants is ineffective and detrimental to the economy. A. The general issue of border security and illegal immigration 1. At president Trump’s direction, the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department have resumed enforcement of the U.

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c. Many of the immigrants moving to the U. S. are harmless to the security of the United States citizens. Most of them have a genuine intention of moving to the United States to find better livelihoods. It amounts to misappropriation of the taxpayers’ money. Most of the illegal immigrants come from neighboring countries seeking temporary jobs in American with no harm to the country. a. Many of the illegal immigrants are innocent individuals coming from neighboring countries such as Mexico, and their aim is just to seek temporary jobs in America. b. Their children have a right to automatically become American citizens. Blocking the borders for the immigrants an ineffective strategy and unnecessarily eats up into the taxpayers’ money. VI.

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Annotated Bibliography Buzby, A. Locking the Borders: Exclusion in the Theory and Practice of Immigration in America. ” I use Buzby’s work to extract insights on the effectiveness of border security in curbing immigrants from accessing the United States. Schuck, P. Citizens, strangers, and in-betweens: Essays on immigration and citizenship. Routledge. Retrieved from: https://www. org/research/legalizing-immigrants-impact-crime-rate This website presents an economic perspective of immigrants in the United States. It discusses the impact of legalizing more immigrants on the crime rate in the country. The author is a renowned economic writers and an award winning business and health care reporter. Being a prolific writer for the American Economic Association, he has a good mastery of the American economy and the factors fueling it.

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