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I come from a polygamous family. My mother, Sarah Kamara, is the first wife of John Kamara who had three wives. My family is extended with most of my uncles, aunts and my grandparents residing in the rural area. I went to my grandmother Shanti Azaara one afternoon to have a one on one interview about my family cultural background and cultural practices and we had a wonderful conversation. Interviewer (Me): Good afternoon Grandma Shanti? Grandmother: Good afternoon, my dear Kamara. They are always out very early and back very late. Your mother, aunts and I on the other hand stay at home and do the nurturing part. We ensure we cook meals and keep the homestead clean for you and the other family members.

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In formal employment, it is prudent to talk to superiors formally through use of titles such as Mr. , Mrs. Personally I love Ackee and Saltfish. I would always prepare this for my visitors or during celebrations. In weddings and funerals, food must be there to indicate there is a ceremony. You will find food amongst others, like Curry goat, fried dumplings, rice and curry chicken. Me: Can you say our culture is competitive or cooperative? Shanti: Our people are very cooperative. Children go to school until ages of 16 to 18 years. Me: How about Work? Hannah: Children can be formally employed from 18 years and over. For children under 18 years, there is a time restriction per hours of work. Men and women are given equal opportunities at the work place.

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