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Nevertheless, the best way of determining the efficient method of learning is from past studies that have been carried out as well as through exam results. Evidence from a number of studies reveals that distant learning students perform well compared with those who pursue their education in traditional classes (Beuchot, Alberto, & Mark, 67). Even though this idea appears conclusive, much effort is needed in proving the doubters wrong. As a matter of fact, online education has gained momentum and now is being used as a key learning method since no traveling is required, it’s convenient, less costly, students study at their pace, more flexible, saves time and students start their career sooner. To start with convenience, a student can complete a huge amount of the classes at his convenience (Greenwood, 347).

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Learners who accomplish their degrees earlier can also pursue and engage a career earlier. At this moment, they are exposed to golden opportunities in that they can apply for well-paying jobs that match with their accomplished degree. Another key benefit of distance learning is that students get their degrees at a much lower price. There is usually an affordable fee for online education as opposed to traditional learning (Scheps, 38). Nevertheless, this does not always hold as tuition fee in most instances depends on the selected study course and university or college. It is worth mentioning that distance learning saves time. Students pursuing internet-based classes are likely to save more of their time as they can afford the time to socialize with families and friends and still get time to attend classes ("Growing Argument for Online Learning, 2"; Washington, 22).

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So long as you have the internet, you can decide when and where to log in to your personal computer. Traditional educational systems draw away much time because students spend several days and hours going to school on a routine basis. Distance education programs are increasingly being fashioned to work on mobile podiums thus enabling the learners to have an easy access to educational materials by just a click of their Smartphone. Poor face to face learning approaches may worsen if they are built on technology (Truell, 46). The internet and computer dominate the distance education programs and have high likelihoods of depriving the students an opportunity to learn necessary social skills. Kids need to learn how to socialize and relate well to other people and this is achieved within the classroom environment.

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Also, distance learning doesn't give a realistic response. A student's routine can be immediately reviewed during informal tests and questions in a normal classroom setting. Another associated cost of distance learning is that adjustments of routine activities are needed during admission. Even though distance education has been criticized and questioned for lack of physical interaction, quality of web-based courses offered compared to traditional courses, the reality that falls on many people from poor backgrounds, and response of various types of learners to the internet education paradigm, I feel online education is offering people newfound flexibility and choices with their personal growth and learning. For a long period, people have been attaining formal academic qualifications through involvement in full-time courses. However, the internet has enabled organizations to increase their reach and provide good courses virtually (Greenwood, 350).

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