Educational Culture of China

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Through the culture of the people on a given area, one will be able to know the history of the related issue as practiced by the people. Culture is very important since it gives people a sense of belonging The study focuses on the culture of China's education as well as the values and practices of their education culture. The issue of parenting, family hierarchy as well as the communication styles among the Chinese people is part of the study. Their education in China is very important and therefore the parents and the government invests in it with the teachers being considered highly by the people. The paper helps in the understanding the China's education culture and its place in society.

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I realized that the Chinese have unique learning as outlined in their educational system. Their teaching, as well as learning, evolved from cultural and social roots. There has been a wide acknowledgment of teaching of the Chinese culture in the foreign language classrooms. There has been a challenge of the incorporation of teaching culture into the teaching of languages. Most attention is given to the learners of the Chinese language and developing of its awareness. The Chinese mostly prefer the Chinese language that they give much weight. Since the Chinese have prioritized much in their language, in most cases they do not understand other languages making it difficult to communicate to the rest of the world (Weller, 2018). The other countries recognize at least one international language like English.

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To help solve the problem of the language barrier, when an outer communicates with the Chinese requires an interpreter. Communication using gestures to the Chinese is also difficult since they have a different interpretation of the gestures as compared to the rest of the world. The China’s education system is conducted by the public education system through the ministry of education that is responsible for running the center. In China, a nine years compulsory education exists and receives funding by the government (Ling, 2015). In China, the teachers are held in high regard publicly. The teachers do make decisions in the schools that the parents must respect. The parents, as well as the teachers, have the role in ensuring that the children are disciplined and obedience is maintained among the children.

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