Effects of Global Financial Crisis research method

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The proposal tries to look on whether the directors of the company had some influence in the process of preparing the financial information. It will also determine whether the preparation of the financial information followed the International Accounting Standards (IAS). Therefore, this proposal intends to study the financial reports of the five biggest financial institutions besides studying some of the made in the disclosure concerning the financial tools and instruments. The increased demand and concern by the general public made the financial institutions to change on some of their financial instruments for the period in which there was a serious financial crisis in the UK. Introduction Currently, the world is facing economic recession with the high level of unemployment, low level of industrial production which results from the failures of the businesses besides the low consumer spending.

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How did the global financial crisis affect the affected companies on their normal activities? v. What were some of the reactions of the UK based banks in reporting the additional voluntary disclosure after the global financial crisis? Literature Review Most of the prevailing literature that is in the field of disclosure has emphasized on the non-banking financial institutions, while there are some of the latest studies which have emphasized to the disclosure practices by these financial institutions when they were facing financial crisis. This proposal fits into the emerging stream of those kinds of literature investigating the disclosure of the operation in the banking sector in the UK (Berger et al. It also discusses the impact of the disclosure of the financial institutions besides providing the possible controlling measures that can be put in place.

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The following are some of the literature reviews that have taken into consideration between the quantitative, qualitative disclosure and the factors that lead to the financial crisis. The role of the fair value of accounting in the financial crisis was still the emphasize of some of the papers. It is worthy to note that the fair value of accounting had little influence on the financial crisis that was experienced in the UK. The proposal would, therefore, provide evidence on the relationship between the financial crisis and risk disclosure practices by the financial institutions thus recognizing the particular characteristics of the financial firms. Methodology The level of the financial crisis would be measured through the persistent analysis methodology, the objective of the research techniques that would be employed.

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It entails specialized procedure besides increasing the understanding of the researcher in understanding certain singularities. The interest of the consumers, investors, customers amongst other shareholders of the firms should be given first priority. The decision that is made by the stakeholders to the firms correlates with the directors' ability to meet their expectations on the social contract. Sample data and size It is the obligation of the financial institutions to disclose their annual reports because they help the stakeholders of the firms in making relevant decisions. Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, besides the Royal Bank of Scotland are some of financial institutions that would be used in the research proposal. The régime of UK had to make some interventions that allowed Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking that the global financial crisis had some negative impact.

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The above financial institutions published their respective financial statement and presented them to the public domain who make their investment and businesses related decision. It will take 7 months to complete the entire business proposal and project as well. Limitations It occurs when there is limited time set for the completion of the proposal, errors or omissions in the discussions on how the economy was hindered by the financial crisis. The scheduled timeframe for the completion of the proposal has been short thus making it hard to have a comprehensive research on the proposal (Khan et al. It is costly to move from one bank to the other because they are not in the same place thus leading to some additional costs to the researcher.

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In addition, the various states should come up with the necessary government fiscal policies which emphasize the infrastructure besides the construction activities. Lastly, the government through the central bank must be supervising and monitoring the activities that are carried out with different financial firms. Actually, the financial crisis disadvantaged the growth and development of the economy. It led to bankruptcy to some of the financial institutions in different parts of the world. It has led to recession and increased the rate of unemployment to the economy. N. , Imbierowicz, B. , & Rauch, C. The roles of corporate governance in bank failures during the recent financial crisis.  Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 48(4), 729-770.  Advances in accounting, 29(1), 154-160. Jizi, M. I. , Salama, A. , Dixon, R.

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