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A microenterprise project will bring together the students of Frostburg University with their extensive knowledge and support of the middle class to initiate business that will make graduates and local people enhance their economic output. Microenterprises have got the power to bring people together for a common goal hence bridging the social, economic and political divisions within the community. Social Conditions in the Community A survey conducted by Powell (2016), identified the college town of Frostburg Maryland as a society consisting of a young and knowledgeable population but extensively divided by economic status, race and other diverse affiliation of the people. The social order of the Frostburg community is threatened by the existing division on various fronts especially the difficulty of other European communities to resonate with the social lives of the white majority.

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The town is extensively conservative and goes ahead to look at college students as being liberals thereby eliciting a sharp division on their value systems and understanding. Assessing Needs The Frostburg University students demonstrate the structure of the society together with the challenge of cohesion which makes it imperative for initiation of a framework for better understanding. The challenge of diversity is evident from the university students’ interactions and there relation with the communities around which fail to breed any form of mentorship and cooperation for better outcomes. The expressed and relative needs of the Frostburg community are to grow the aspirations of the citizens that would require the application of efforts of bringing together the diverse interests into a common objective (Roy, & Shaw, 2016).

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Progressive initiatives for the community will go a long way into influencing the ability of the people to improve their quality of life through public engagements. Conducting interviews among community members will provide information towards understanding what people feel about the need to crate unity in a diverse oriented society. iii). If a positive approach on diversity will yield significant input of building community collaboration. Mobilization of the Community The Frostburg community is one section of society that would be easily mobilized judging from the role of the church and university in creating structures which makes the target population effectively participate. The mobilization activity will involve the undertaking of different social events to develop an awareness of the social problem and communicate the benefits of a microenterprise project economically and socially (Armfield, Kennedy, & Duin, 2014).

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The awareness activities will build a relationship and initiate debates on how the community will benefit from appreciating their diversity as a tool to grow their cohesiveness and unity. The project will provide budgets and program deliverables for effective preparation into quality execution of the program. The materials for educating the society will be put into perspective together with the roadmap and timeliness of the project for better outputs. Program Evaluation The benefits of the program would be realized through an assessment mechanism that would obtain data after some time to determine the level of performance recognized over time. The project outcomes will come in handy in providing the ability of the organization to yield the objectives and aim of their execution.

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