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This is a community where, the governments and different development stakeholders value the welfare of the society than their own personal interests and gains (National Center for Environmental Health, 2015). A healthy community is a state where there is equitable distribution of resources, there is gender equity and equality, peace and social justice, protection of the environment, good partnerships, different development partners, no social isolation or any forms of discrimination, has access to basic goods and services and it is a corruption free community (National Center for Environmental Health, 2015). According to National Center for Environmental Health (2015) a healthy community is one that experiences equitable distribution of resources; these resources in most cases are in the form of the community wealth, income and its natural resources.

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In instances when there is poor allocation of the resources, disparities in different forms do come up. For instance, the aspect of the rich and the poor is as a result of unequal distribution of the available resources. It is therefore very important to mind the experiences as they determine the set up of the society (Natanson, 2013). Community health nurses will always encounter challenges in their attempt to provide care in different communities based on their characteristics. For example, when dealing with members from either the phenomenological or geopolitical communities, the nurses will always come across cultural differences that may negatively affect them by not achieving the set goals and objectives (Gurwitsch, 2014). Culture is a people’s way of life. If nurses are not able to understand the societal culture, they will find it difficult providing the intended care as they will face resistance.

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The cause and prevention of the disease is known but its cure is not yet known because of the various infections or diseases that emerge (HHS). AIDS has had adverse impacts on the global health sector as a lot must be invested to deal with the consequences of the disease. For instance, healthcare institutions have to invest a lot in medicine that is distributed to the victims of the disease normally for free (HHS). Additionally, a lot has to be invested in research which will help in coming up with the sole solution of dealing with the disease in its various forms; opportunistic diseases. This in most parts of the world has undermined the development agendas of the nations as they have to channel most of their resources to deal with the effects of the disease.

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Existing political ideologies shape the public policies. Therefore, if the political climate leads to public policies that provide grounds for injustices in the society in the form of unequal distribution of resources, the disparities will as well be manifested in the health status of the people (WHO). Social determinants of health contribute to development of illnesses in the sense that, their absence or scarcity deprives the society of the capacity to access good nutrition and other necessities that would promote good health among the people. Lack of certain nutrients in the body lead to diseases (WHO). Communicable disease chain refers to all the conditions that must be available for a certain infection to take place; for an infectious disease to transmit from one person to the next.

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