HIV as a Communicable Disease

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To begin with, HIV is basically the short form of human immunodeficiency virus. The disease harms humans’ immune system just like its name suggests. This is through the destruction of the most important cell in the human body, the white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting against infections affecting the body (Khanal & Khanal, 2016). The infection of the cells puts he lives of many individuals in health jeopardy as they become exposed to disease infections and cancerous infections too. It is quite acknowledgeable that HIV leads to AIDS, which are abbreviations for acquire immune deficiency syndrome. Due to this, many scientists are often of the opinion that most human viruses emanate from primates’ viruses. Due to the fact that there has been an enhancement in medical technology in the globe today, molecular technologies as well as the use of computerized programs have made it possible for researchers to establish the genetic roots of both HIVs, 1 and 2, and as identifying time for the debut of viruses to humanoid.

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The present theory states that one-time in 1930-1940 there was existed species-jump of particular SIVs in human populace, unquestionably through slaughtering practice, preparation and eating meat bush acquired from monkeys. There are more than a few ways through which one can become aware of the signs and symptoms of HIV such as inexplicable rash, drenching night sweat, swollen glands, oral thrush, sexually transferred diseases as well as sudden weight loss. Referring to inexplicable rash, it is the first sign of acute infections regardless of the fact that it seems to double out in every five afresh infections of people. Quite a lot of studies have proved that STDs are capable of increasing the thoughtfulness of HIV in sperms and vaginal fluids, inspirational potentials for infectious diseases.

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The other symptom of the contagious infection is unexpected weight loss (Kalichman et al. Weight loss is not rare between individuals with continuing HIV infections but in later periods of the infection. Conversely, when the disease is categorized by weight loss of 10% escorted by a fever and a diarrhea, for a period of about one month, the state can be said to be as HIV wasting. Under HIV transmission, HIV is spread in human in threedifferent forms namely; sexual intercourses, injection with HIV contaminated substances, and by infected parents to fetus. Cytomegalovirus is equally another infection associated with HIV and it is mostly acquired and transmitted through body fluids. When one’s immune system is week, the virus actually reappears therefore causing damages in the lungs, digestive tract, eyes, and other organs as well.

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The other is candidiasis, and it is a normally HIV associated infections. Candidiasis’ effects comprise irritation as well as a thick white covering in mucous membrane around the mouth region. Kidney disease is also no exception when it comes to infections associated with HIV. The determinant of health involves but is not limited to: social-economic surroundings, people’s characters as well as behavior physical environment. For example, poor education is connected with poor health therefore making many young inhabitants to take on in sexual acts and as such they transmit HIV among themselves. Reflecting on the epidemiologic triangle, medical analysts have strong-minded four aspects that immensely contribute to the subsistence of HIV. To begin with is agent, which is the chief cause of the latter.

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