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This alludes that students of one school may feel superior to others just because of the difference uniform even when the ‘inferior’ student has a higher Intelligence Quotient than the ‘superior’ student. Same color uniform for all public schools may therefore be a bill that can enhance equality and quality education (Fox, Spencer et al 112). This bill is supposed to be a great concern especially for the public schools since it is difficult to make decision for private school stakeholders who take school as an entrepreneurial opportunity. Private schools have devised very authentic ideas of bettering education so that they can attract as many customers as possible and therefore, such a strategy may not be very useful to them. Identical uniforms for state schools is a very crucial topic due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, this bill obviously cut the cost of uniforms for the parents who purchase uniforms. Identical uniforms calls for a change in the purchase of uniforms. This is because it will be easier to select a single company which will be in charge of making the uniforms. The cost for uniforms will decrease by about 30%, a result which most parents will be comfortable with. Identical uniforms will also curb the problem of disruptions in schools due to students who transfer to new schools and they wear attires for their former schools. Another essence of identical uniforms would be to enhance uniformity and orderliness in the country which will in turn improve the level of discipline in schools and lead to a better learning environment.

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This topic is fascinating to me because of interesting instances that have happened in different places concerning the topic. A good precedent is what transpired as a result of the identical uniform policy proposed by Cezar McKnight in D-Lake City. Although the policy was successful in 53 schools out of the 80 CCSD schools, the proposal faced a controversy against the policy. It happened that a sixth grade wore an A-line skirt at school. Although she was still in her Moultrie top, she was reprimanded. A teacher was bitter about this and said that she looked like she belonged to a club. When this was divulged to her mother, she wrote about it and posted it on Facebook since it was not the first time the girl wore such an attire (Fox, Spencer et al 112).

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This story went viral and even appeared on Snap chat as an interesting part of the recent news. Despite the fact that such outfit was not fit to be put on in school, It was not necessary for the teacher to make such a complement and hence the repercussions. A uniform for the learners in state schools is a protective tool for competition, disruption, discipline and a better learning environment. Crime rate around the school will also abate with a big percentage (Levin & Henry 113). This information is obtainable from Statewide School Uniform policy by Cezar. Cezar states that a particular school in Calif long Beach adopted the policy of using identical uniforms for their scholars. It was not long when the school experienced a lower crime rate by about 90% as compared to the previous records.

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Do these parents advocate for high crime rate, bullying and other negative virtues in the society? Are the same parents happy that there is no orderliness in the school society? These questions require a little bit of research for one to be able of providing satisfactory answers. It is also important to narrow down to the affected parties and interview them. I am cock sure that if I interviewed several students and teachers on their view on the uniform policies, the results would be very similar. Interacting with several parents will also help me gather sufficient data that I can use to answer these questions. The intended audience of this proposal is the School officials, parents and the officers of the ministry of education. At the same time, I am sure that there are some individuals who would never concur with me despite how much I implore them about the policy.

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Such people would include the students, some parents and the unfamiliar people with the topic. The students would obviously reluctant to accept to wear uniform since they would hate to limit themselves to specific attire. The stakeholders of this uniform policy comprise of school management which includes the head teacher and other teachers, Education Ministry officials, parents and the school staff. Conclusion The identical school uniform policy is a thesaurus policy which ought to be adopted by all the state schools that would wish to magnetize the quality of education. Levin, Henry.  Privatizing education: Can the school marketplace deliver freedom of choice, efficiency, equity, and social cohesion?. Routledge, 2018. Macri, Antonella, and Craig Auricht. Adelaide Secondary School of English.

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