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These buildings are impressive because they offer a chance to have more living space within a small plot of land. There have been regulations which have hindered building up. However, today, more people are seeing the importance of building up rather than having low buildings. The skyscraper has opened up opportunities to people all over the world from the architects, to the builders, to people who get space in the premises. Thesis: Skyscrapers have a significant impact in cities from tourist attraction to more living and office space for people. E. Lefcourt Point 1: E. Lefcourt made it possible for tall buildings to be built which gave the workers a more good space to work (p. Evidence: Lefcourt was born in a poor background.

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However, he had a vision and ensured he saved up to acquire $1000 US bond. Today, most of the buildings he built continue to inspire builders who are continually making advancements, making the city prettier. Section 3: Regulating New York Point 1: In 1913, when Fifth Avenue was a simple street with mansions owned by the rich, anti-inflammatory growth activists insisted that the height of buildings be restricted to 125 feet. Evidence: They argued that if the buildings went higher than that, the city would be congested and would lose its value. The chair of the commission was an architect and he led the fight 'save fifth avenue from ruins' (p. 142) Point 2: The equitable life assurance company made an effort to build a 538 storey high building.

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All this realization was made thanks to her skills of observation. Point 2: Jane Jacobs published a book which argued against high city dwelling buildings (p. Evidence: Jacobs had a fight with the City Council which wanted to put down buildings and replace them with taller buildings. According to her, tall buildings meant that people could not handle their streets as they would be far from them. She insisted that pedestrians feel safer when the residents live near the roads, as in the Case of small residential buildings. Section 5: The Perils of Preservation Point 1: The old Penn State was pulled down regardless of its being a unique masterpiece (p. Evidence: The train station was irrelevant because it is barely used anymore, with the growing transportation network in the country.

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However, the building should have been preserved of not for its revenue collection, for then for the significance it had in New York history. A larger station building with more office space replaced the Penn station and as expected it was less popular than the old station. Demolishing the station was legal but this led to a new movement of preservationists who fought to preserve their old buildings with historical significance. Paris had become extremely crowded in ancient buildings and streets. This promoted insecurity which pushed Napoleon to look for someone who could restructure the city. Napoleon's bison which led him to reconstruct the town was his idea of a war-free zone and to create a region which would restrict the urban rebels from committing their crimes Point 2: For Haussmann to recreate the city, he had to do things which would seem unthinkable in the modern world.

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Evidence: He ruthlessly evicted the poor people who were living in the town for him to make room for the boulevards. For something to be made excellent, a price always has to be paid, and in this case, the poor had to pay the price for their town to be rebuilt. The city has been able to build a few skyscrapers since Haussmann. However, Paris is more adamant about changing as compared to New York. Once they decide they do not want change, change will not occur. Point 4: Most of the skyscrapers in Paris are in dense areas which are occupied by small buildings like La Defense. Evidence: La Defense is a taller building in its surroundings. Evidence: Mumbai has very many slums which are packed with residents.

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If the talent the residents have could find their way to the government, the basic needs would be provided such as clean water and sewers. The city's transportation network is terrible which means that the government is taking care of things which are not of core importance (p. Even with the highways built in the city, the congestion problem is still a core issue. The traffic could be solved by better urban planning of the city. It is important to note where the line should be drawn for these. Point 3: Third, every neighborhood should be allowed to set down its own regulations as to what they prefer in their neighborhood (p. Evidence: Some neighborhoods might prefer to have bars and noisy joints while others might prefer a quiet and cool environment.

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