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The application gained popularity after its first launching since it would solve the customers immediate need for fast transportation. Additionally, the company gained popularity since it was the founder of application of a shared economy. The company’s operations has been rocked with numerous accusations over its unprecedented way of business transactions. The company has suffered immense losses resulting from frivolous lawsuits. Consequently, taxi drivers and personal drivers applying the software have complained of losses thereby removing their services from Uber. Lack of sober management actions is seen when the management hired former spies to steal business ideas from its competitors. The company has also been accused of stealing and using technology from other companies. All problems facing Uber Company can be directly or indirectly linked to the wrong decisions made by its former management.

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The management lacked honesty and transparency in doing business thus the company lost public trust. This has lowered the company’s revenue and profit margins. Introduction of policies that do not allow importation of some services in most countries has influenced Uber profits. In some cases, countries have initiated projects which have either affected Uber sales positively or negatively. Political issues therefore stands out to be one of the external factors affecting Uber operations. Advancement of different technologies which rival Uber’s software lower the company’s usage. Some rival companies such as Lyft. The company was founded to ease transportation from the redundant traditional taxis. Its model was to allow efficiency in the taxi business. Uber company management marketing strategy was meant to revolutionize the taxi industry with innovative technology.

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The customers enjoyed the “Uber Experience” thus the company experienced tremendous growth. Uber took advantage of the existing lacuna in private transportation industry. Although there are other companies with similar products, Uber has the strength of customer loyalty. This is heightened by the fact that Uber was the initial company to incorporate mobile technology with the taxi industry. This allowed the company to gain traction thus there was an increase in number of investors. The high investment into the company means that the company has the financial muscle to invest into new products. The company also has numerous drivers distributed all over the world. The company also faces challenges due to mistakes made by the previous management. Development of Strategic Alternatives Uber Company should device new strategic alternatives which will ensure that the company regains its vantage position in the industry.

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The company having employed a new CEO means that the management strategies will likely change. The management should chiefly focus on fixing the company’s culture. This will boost employee morale and boost revenues. Partnership with motor vehicle industries targeting to manufacture autonomous vehicles will also secure the future of Uber Company. Dominating a particular geography ensures that the company has a strong foundation before spreading its business into other regions. Implementation of techniques Uber should begin with major cities in America to dominate the market. The company should utilize maximum resources to ensure it gets a major share in the taxi business in United States. The Company should focus on long-term plans. This will control legal suits and increase purchase of its products.

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