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Although the industry is quite competitive and uncertain the company has registered huge revenue margins since 1992. This company was founded by Willard Marriot in 1992. The company has numerous hotels all over the United States thus flooring other similar companies. Its success can be hugely attributed to a number of factors discussed within this paper. This paper also critically analyzes the company’s situation in terms of both external and internal environmental factors. Marriot International therefore has devised convectional plans in individual countries such as low calorie diet, non-fat sustenance and the issue of no smoking (Porter, 2008). Economic Environment Marriot International is favorably affected by the economic situations of the country it operates within. The organization has the urge to operate in Asia and other developing economies.

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Operating within developing countries increases the number of tourists since the residents have economic power together with a will to vacate. The organization is also economically affected by the growing urge to use clean energy for operation of its systems. Without new technology, organizations result to using traditional methods which are less effective and time consuming. The present reality has prompted Marriott international to inculcate new innovations in its operation. Technology is connecting billions of individual spread in the world. This connectivity is prompted by the internet and social media. Technology has increased access to information on hotels thus heightening the frequency with which people travel. Close to these procedures Marriott International has CSR methodology known as 'Soul to serve our networks,' which is social way to deal with remain ahead from the challenge.

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Organization has key administration program to get up to speed with most recent pattern and advancement in the commercial center (Marriot International, 2011). One of the issues challenging Marriott operations and decision making is the presence of cultural differences in different countries or regions where the company operates. Here, the cultural diversity would range from the language used, customs, beliefs, norms, values among others. This for sure will affect the entrance strategy especially if the company intends to starts its operations in a foreign market. The organization has enjoyed dominance in all parts of the world. This enables the company to increase its revenues due to its popular services. The large expansion of brands increases customer preference. Marriot International is also at a vantage point since it operates under a people’s business which means that the company’s marketing policy is based on socialization.

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The company has a strong geographic presence in the world. The company also chiefly targets individuals who are extremists in terms of spending thus leaving out the other part of the population. Opportunities Marriot International should invest in the emerging Asian Travel together with the tourism market. Asia is developing at a huge rate therefore the economy of Asia can support many individuals willing to travel. The organization should also take advantage of the growing trend in mass tourism which will offer more customers thereby more revenues. Individuals all over the world are interested in family oriented travel. This lowers the profits made by the hotels. Marriot International has also failed to update all operations to adapt to the global trend.

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Traditional methods of operation lower profit margins and revenue. The organization has received lowered profits due to terrorism. This has lowered travels in most continents. Automation will also increase security and ensure the food production process is efficient and safe for consumption. Full implementation of new technology will increase customer loyalty thus increasing the profits for Marriot International. Implementation Techniques and control procedures The two strategies should be rolled on together by a full investments in equipment and software required to install and use the new technology. The installation should be carried out in all hotels across the world. All new technology within the hotels should be similar to offer uniformity and ease management. Retrieved from Marriot International Inc. : http://www.

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