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The basis of any leadership platform is to create a well manageable way of ensuring that all the proposed objectives and ideas within the organization are working with ease towards ensuring that the mission and the vision of the organization are met with comfort. Therefore many leadership and management theories have been developed to help in creating the most concise way of ensuring that all the management scale and the management objectives of a given organization are met. Introduction Many theories are now applied to creating a good management scale within society. However, there is an existing gap in the analysis and the explanation and the general contexts of the theoretical frameworks in the world today. One of the major existing gaps in various leadership and management theories that exist today is the application of technology in leadership.

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It is prudent to note that most of the theories that explained the issues and ideas based on technology and leadership. There is no connection whatsoever that has been created to develop a reconstruction between the application of technology in most of the leadership and management theories which have been developed. in this case; it has become quite hard to comprehend and create a reconnection between the leadership and management theories and the modern concepts of information technology in management (Fleming & Waguespack, 2007) Literature Review The overall idea based on various theories examines how some of the theories that are chiefly used to explain and examine the role of leadership based on the participative aspect. The participative theories are some of the major theories that can be used to explain the leadership and management issues that are applied in the world today.

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The participative theories acknowledge that leadership is based on what the people see, and how the same leaders incorporate the ideas that they have learned from others. The Gap in the literature One of the key things which lack in the development and the applicability of the theory created above is lack of the inherent role that technology plays in the development and the facilitation of effective leadership in the organization. The theory does not in any way provide how the developments and the important role that technology can be harnessed in the organization to facilitate effective management structure and also to facilitate the general way of ensuring that all the management concepts within the organization are developed with ease. The gap that exists in this study, therefore, is the lack of efficient knowledge that can be applied to develop some of the important roles and functions of technology in the management and the leadership scale.

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All the factors of production and management need to be incorporated to ensure the realization of more effective results in the management scale. However, the same is not the case with the theory. Technology has now made the whole development concepts easier. Nowadays the general employees can now be managed with ease, and this is done through developing a whole management scale that is concerned with worker management, records management and also the time management. Computers and computer technology has now created a new wave of managing the organization through proper and a more efficient record keeping, and also data management scale. All these factors have created the most inclusive and efficient way of managing the organization and ensuring that everything is running with ease.

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The same management scale also ensures that an organization is technologically versatile. The use of computer technology, for instance, is majorly used to ensure that all the vital files and other important data in the organizational setting are promoted and fully guaranteed. This has allowed the management to guarantee the safety and the reliability of all the data that the company stored and uses them on the management scale. The same has also ensured that all the vital data are equally protected against any form of snooping or hacking which is a common thing today. The use of computer technology and the general modern advancements in technology has also prompted the physical security framework. The management can now use physical security technology tools to ensure that the whole facility is secured against any form of attack or theft.

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One of the future things that should be employed and which should be fully incorporated in the future researches is the role that technology can play in the managerial and in the leadership scale. The same will create a complete method of applying the same knowledge in management. The same will also help provide how technological knowledge can help in management and the leadership process. The technological development is one of the key events that touch on the daily lives. It is one of the things that is taking over the world. Fleming, L. , & Waguespack, D. M. Brokerage, boundary spanning, and leadership in open innovation communities.  Organization Science, 18(2), 165-180. Wiig, K. M. Knowledge management: an introduction and perspective.  Journal of Knowledge Management, 1(1), 6-14.

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