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A business requires effective management in decision making to help its brand during a crisis or moving toward success. Human services in most cases are among the common areas that management is essential considering the number of customer needs that demand immediate solutions. However, this position has its rewards and perks following the fact that managers deal with complex issues that seem demanding. Hong Kong is among the leading Asian countries with hardworking people and with a good working environment. Despite the fact that their various management issues in the human service industry, this paper will explore the case of cybersecurity as one of the most challenging management issues in Hong Kong. Cyber-attacks are improving to more complex threats such as data theft, espionage, market manipulation, and extortion and other threats aimed at businesses and this no exception to the case of Hong Kong.

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Managing these threats demand that a business understands how this issue can affect its operation as a whole as well as its customers. Considering the case of Hong Kong, mitigating this issue requires that business management treats this problem as a business risk and come up with an organized strategy to combat its impact on business operation. According to Price (2017), Hong Kong police in most cases have it difficult handling cases of "digital pump-and-dump" systems that target brokerages. Common cybersecurity attacks reported in Hong Kong human service industry is the cases of fraud and breaches against online businesses. Business in Hong Kong are not the only ones reporting cases of cybercrime as a potential management problem, but customers as well. This is in relation to the fact that people do a lot of business activities online that entail sharing personal and business information.

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This results in cases of intellectual property loss due to the leakage of customer information to the wrong people (Cohen, 2018). Therefore, with cyber security being a growing management problem in social work in Hong Kong, large and small business can be impacted in terms of earning, negative effect in stock vale and more cases of customer trust. In an attempt to keep up with the various trends in the market, various management theories have been developed so that business remain relevant and competitive. Reflecting upon the case of cybersecurity in Hong Kong, this theory stresses that organizations should take a situational approach when faced with complex management issues in order to evolve useful answers in relation to the problem at hand (Chand, 2018).

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When applying this approach to the Hong Kong management issue, managers can use this theory to define the cause cybersecurity problem and come up with effective ways to mitigate the issue. Solutions In an attempt to deal with the problem of cybersecurity in Hong Kong, management must adapt to effective tools and practices that will reduce the risk of the business being attacked. The use of "Two-Factor Authentication" technology is among the most effective ways that Hong Kong management can tap into in an attempt to tighten its security measures, especially during business transactions. According to Price (2017), Hong Kong SFC informed organizations to improve their surveillance measures in relation to data protection and client transactions. This is following the fact that law enforces help in investigating various cybercrime issues and carrying the required measures against them.

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This involves, developing standardized techniques and tools to counter cybercrime and best practices that will inform all aspect of management best practices to enhance cybersecurity (Homeland Security, 2019). Thus, this implies that cybersecurity is not a role of IT alone, but is a collection responsibility that businesses should take part in. Hence, Hong Kong can manage these issues that are threatening the human service industry by coming up with an effective cybersecurity environment that involves that input of experienced computer experts, collaboration with international firms, and application of various technologies such as two-factor authentication process to solve this management problem. However, these methods might be difficult to integrate considering the various changes in technological advancement. This strategy involves updating systems securities with an up-to-date version of security software designed to stand attacks and reduce the possibility of affecting business operations.

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(Morgan, 2017). Management of human services is a complex task considering the changing customer needs and challenges such as security in the business environment. Hong Kong is among the largest business nations across the globe, but the issue of cybersecurity seems to be a challenge and well as a risk to business in this nation. This considering the fact that it is considered a soft target in relation to cybercrime due to its low level of security. forbes. com/sites/edelmantechnology/2017/10/11/cyber-security-is-a-business-risk-not-just-an-it-problem/#e10323778324 Chand, S. Modern Management Theory: quantitative, system and Contingency Approaches to Management. Retrieved from http://www. yourarticlelibrary. pdf Homeland Security, (2019). Combating Cyber Crime. Retrieved from https://www. dhs. gov/cisa/combating-cyber-crime Mayer Brown, (2019). Retrieved from http://www. mcser. org/journal/index.

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