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They reach a point where the workforce cannot contain them. The myth states that a society only grows when the workforce is productive enough. Therefore, since the old population has no energy, skills, interest and flexibility to perform some of the modern jobs that are seen as the income generating jobs in the modern society, they are then classified as people who contribute very little to the society. This article only focuses on the fact that the ability of the older population diminishes with time. As people age, they continue losing their mental and physical abilities to carry out even easy jobs, and so as they age they contribute insignificant input to the society, (Buyens et al, 2009). They realized that most of them are supported by their families and they do not contribute significantly to the economic growth.

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A conclusion was then made that they do not contribute to the society. This myth is not correct. The huge contribution that the ageing population makes through voluntary and social activities cannot be undervalued or underestimated. Of the people aged 65 years, at some point in their employment contributed to superannuation. There should be structures that facilitate their well-being such as offering them health insurance covers, so as to ensure that they have conducive environments for their continued support. The society needs to change their perspective on the old and consider them as very instrumental in the building and development of the society. When the society understands that the input of the ageing population, it will ignore the myths that surround ageing and support them.

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