National Association for the education of young children Essay

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The agency also supports and promotes activities of individuals who care for the benefit of knowledge of the children. The association creates a membership for all like-minded individuals interested in improving the quality of education given to the children during the early ages. Through partnerships and establishing affiliates, the organization can contact as many people as possible that contribute to the overall organizational goals. Realization of the potential of full education among the children remains a priority. Some of the areas of analysis include developmentally appropriate practices and its impacts on the arts in the classroom. To promote quality development in education and care of younger groups of pupils the current knowledge and processes need a continuous reevaluation of the mechanisms put in place.

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Evaluation of any new knowledge that contributes to the body of the study is also done to realize the overall objectives of the foundation. Some of the areas of concern about providing quality education for the children include the shortage of proper care for children of vulnerable ages. Additional issues that have emerged include culture and language. Besides, factors such as the first language of communication is also a factor for consideration in handling disparities across a population of children from different groups (Gestwicki, 2013). Core curriculum and no child left behind act The no child left behind act was mainly meant to cater for all the groups of children by ensuring every child had equal access to a fair share of the knowledge that was imparted in the education system.

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