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I always wish to work in a classroom environment where I can offer my assistance to students and make them benefit out of the programs. To undertake this, it has taught me to develop the philosophy of progressivism where I believe and ensure that all lessons are relevant to the students and that curriculum is built around student’s needs, interests, and personal experiences. My education philosophy has made me to understand that the purpose of education is to teach students how to stay pragmatically and cope up easily with the current environment. Since I consider all lessons to be relevant, I believe that each of the lessons has some impact that it can create on any environment that a student might be subjected to.

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I expect education to make students appreciate any challenge within their environment and relate between the theoretical and practical knowledge gained from education. Each day becomes an exercise to the teacher’s creativity, communication skills and patience while presenting engaging lessons. As a role model and a mentor, students will be motivated by the commitment to help them develop their intellect and unique talents. Overall, a teacher’s role is to become a mirror that students might use to reflect their progress in academics. Curriculum design is another aspect that dictates what to include in the classroom content and other activities in the school that contribute to the overall knowledge of students. Since my philosophy is progressivism, I expect that the activities that students are engaged into factor different meaningful perspectives that ensure student’s needs, interests and abilities are considered.

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