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Thesis statement: Since many human being loses blood either in accidents or giving birth, the community will be persuaded and be sensitized to donate blood to save a life. Introduction: Attention: Save a life, touch someones’ life! Relevance: As a healthy person with a suitable blood supply it is important to give your contribution. And you end up feeling honored knowing that you helped someone change their life. Credibility: Nowadays many people are losing their lives due to lack of blood supply but with the help of your support as a person. Goodwill and common ground: You may not know what tomorrow would be. Donating blood is very crucial especially to those who have lost large amount of blood through serious accidents injuries and medical conditions like surgery procedures, pregnancy complications and any other medical complications that require blood transfusion like anemia.

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IV. A research by Kuruvatti, Prasad, Williams, Harrison, & Jones, 2011 notes that people don’t think of donating blood until their relatives and close friends or themselves are at the hospital in emergency situations that require a transfusion. V. Every healthy person should be ready to donate their blood voluntarily in case of emergency cases. Opponents of blood donation argue that methods used in donating blood are not safe, however; a) It’s confirmed that the process of donating blood is safe as sterile needles are used. b) Bags that are used to collect blood are also safe and therefore it’s not possible to spread infections to the donor. VII. Others think that the hospitals are in the quest of making money by persuading people to donate blood voluntarily but it’s important to understand that by donating blood we help in keeping someone alive(Zito, Alfieri, Cremonesi, Marconi, & Saturni, 2012).

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