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Relative poverty is focused on the difference in the people’s income and not on the condition a person is living in. poverty can also be visible in wealthy countries even if everyone affords all the basic needs, the difference in their incomes separates them into two; the poor people and the wealthy people. Conceptually, as long as some people in the society own more than others then poverty will still exist among them (Lammam, 2016). In Canada, the leading cause of poverty is the mentality that poverty roams between them which results from being in a lone parent family. The next cause of poverty in Canada is that most people hold a high school education and do not focus on continuing their education.

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Poverty causes tensions, unrest and social divide in a country. There are consequences for people which mostly are passed from one generation to the other. They include child labor to help parents at work, no education, and transmission of diseases and lack of basic hygiene. Though Canada is a wealthy country, unemployment and low incomes are the main causes which make children unable to go to school. They observe how their parents fail in their everyday task hence have no motivation to work hard and improve their lives. I contacted Alex through the general inquiry number 416-325-5666 who works in the agency to help in giving us information on how they help the people experiencing poverty in Ontario. Ontario works were formed to help people who needed financial aid.

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It offers assistance in the following two ways and they include financial assistance and employment assistance. In financial assistance, they helped people with money to be able to afford basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter. They also offer health benefits to the citizens who join them. SECTION D: Solutions to Poverty in Canada Municipal Programs The city of Toronto may come up with programmes which may help in eradicating poverty in the city. The city of Toronto should come up with a way of providing support that is by organizing community support which provides protection against poverty (Eggleton, 2015). For an example someone suffering from mental illness if he or she receives care and support they might be able to help themselves in the long run.

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The town should invest in community resources which include income and employment support, implementing education programmes, housing, and health services to the poor. Research conducts shows that supporting is much better than buying for me things such as shelter bed or incarceration. The first program is to embrace Medicaid. Since the signing of the affordable care act, many Canadians were able to access quality and affordable health care. But in some provinces, they refuse to expand the Medicaid program to cover the adults hence making many families experience high cost of medical services which they cannot afford. By embracing the Medicaid, they will be also free up the limited household income for the basic needs such as rent paying and providing food for the family (Collin, 2007).

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The second program is for the government to adopt a poverty line which should make it easier to measure the level of poverty in a country. There are also child credits, which are the benefit the children of the low-income Canadians get as a federal benefit and they are tax-free. 2011 statistics show that the benefits had grown to $180 per month for a family which earns less than $20000 with two children. Minimum wages have also led to an effective reduction of poverty. Each province has a minimum amount of wage with the lowest at $10. 85 per hour and the highest been Ontario at $14 per hour. ca/content/lop/ResearchPublications/prb0722-e. htm Eggleton, A. (2015, January 5). Three ways to end poverty in Canada. Retrieved from thestar.

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