Race Ethnicity Prejudice and Discrimination

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Race can also be defined as the physical differences that can be considered significant by cultures and groups of people. The physical differences that exist between people are qualities such as facial structure, skin color to the shading of the eyes. Race can be used to identify the legacy of a person thus one can be identified to have acquired certain physical features by birth (Yanow). It is something that we are born with, and hence it can be said to be natural. The Critical Race Theory (CRT) This theory provides a critical legal analysis of both race and racism. This was after the trump’s response to the Charlotte. The organization warned leaders that they must unequivocally condemn racist crimes and speeches.

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Ethnicity Ethnicity is a cultural distinctive belief perceived by members of a social group. Such members tend to feel different from each other. Ethnic members tend to emphasize their symbolic markers such as religion, culture, traditions, and language as significant compared to others. It is without the full the full consciousness of the actor that the action takes place. Moreover, social action is meaningfully oriented to the actors of the actor(s) being imitated and thus it is not the imitation of the actions of others. Ethnicity is as a result of endless competition for power and wealth among people. People should not feel different because of their ethnic factors such as language. In fact, ethnicity reflects people’s cultures and their beliefs regarding their surroundings.

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In this theory, individuals endeavor to alternate their frustrations and aggressions when time are tough on substitute people of a different group when it is difficult to express their anger towards the real cause of their frustration (Joly). In my opinion, prejudice is morally wrong and should not be encouraged. I have never encountered anyone in support of the actions of prejudice. There is a global agreement on prejudice that it makes us feel united, but it becomes a problem when it turns to actual practices of prejudice. I think that prejudice is a mental blunder. A representative who claims disparate treatment argues that he or she is differently treated by other employees who are similarly allocated in the workplace and the treatment is on the grounds of protected attributes.

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