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Dr. King is portrayed as Selfless man, always ready to sacrifice his own needs and motivated to push beyond comfort boundaries, uncertainties and fears so as to create a better living environment for their fellow human beings as well as becoming an effective leader. The intersection of the political, societal and cultural need and wants makes Selma be the epicenter of the voting rights for the African American. Selma is a thrilling movie about David Oyelowo (Martin Luther King Jr) and the Selma people who march from Selma to Montgomery with the main role of securing the voting rights for the African American. Despite the fact that the citizen has the legal rights to vote, they are barred from exercising their patriotic rights by the underhanded diplomacies such as the outright violence and poll tax.

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Undeniable patriotism, determination, and defined purpose are some of the strong attributes that the actors in the Selma movie portray in defending for the rights of the citizens. The movie strongly portrays the Kings roles, goals as well as the obstacles that barricade them. The policy of non-violence in the film is clearly defined throughout the movie. In spite of the fact that non-violence approach seems to be a beautiful, wise and strategic move, the film reveals on the impossibility of the approach and necessitates those in power to act violently in order to achieve a positive change. It is pitiful to see individuals whose crime is sacrificing their lives in order to acquire the basic rights of their fellow citizens.

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One feels every frightened action, the sense of horror especially when the protestors run on horses backs fleeing from the racist cops. The movie is passionate, commanding as well as emotional with the aim of inspiring, causing anger to the viewers in desperation to fight for change in the community. The movie has no intention of sugar coating the horror scenes to correctly comfort the political leaders. It is one of the best movies whose agenda is not only cinematic but purposely driven to awaken the leaders in the current times to fight for the rights of the citizens no matter the struggle. Selma, in a nutshell, portrays the struggle that led to the legislation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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