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Standardization evaluates a student’s progress in school and how they are able to adjust to the school environment as well as academics. These tests are generally given to check a student understanding. Some people are actively arguing that they should be abolished since they tend to discourage students and make them feel like they are failures. Standardized tests should not be eliminated completely as a college requirement but be evaluated in condition to other factors such as grades, volunteer activities and extracurricular activities (Aydeniz, 2012). Standardised tests are considered very important in schools across the world. An example include a student who fails in mathematics can join a special class where the teacher takes keen in the student by monitoring them and guiding them step by step to ensure their mathematics score increase.

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Analysing test results help teachers evaluate the importance of a program or give assess if instructions favour the students. The teacher is able to know what really is wrong with a student, whether a disability or ignorance then act accordingly. Through standardization, teachers get notice of the failed areas and this helps them know where to teach and even plan on when to teach the failed program. Students also know their weak points as per the test, subjecting them to hard work. A common paper is set for a group of people so the teacher will not spend all time setting different tests for a common group. Generally, this saves the teacher’s time. It also encourages the students since they know they will seat for the same paper.

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They can discuss or read the same thing before the exam. The teacher is also able to mark the tests and grade his or her students. An assessment for teachers and students’ gives teachers observations about their teaching methods and the students’ achievements. Because of this, both the teachers and the students work harder to score better and show their accomplishments when tested (Tienken, 2013). Standardized tests are more accurate and reflects the student’s ability. “If each school district were responsible for developing their own assessment tests, it would still not produce a full picture of student ability, but the issue of high score variance could be overcome. Instead of every assessment test being created for the national majority, localized assessment tests could be designed towards the local majority, meaning test scores would more accurately reflect the cultural norms of the community”.

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