Teachers preparing to work with culturally diverse students

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There exists a connection between the failure of the students and the people who teach them. It is evident that some teachers do not have the requisite background skills, knowledge, and dispositions to teach children effectively from backgrounds that are different due to the limited experience on culture and exposure to diversity issues that they have. Teaching that is culturally responsive means that the academic, as well as the social needs, are met of the culturally diverse students. The beliefs that are grounded on culturally sensitive practices are that the teachers must have thorough heritage knowledge, language and the culture that is not similar to their particular location. The experience is vital for the culturally healthy communities and students development, and it is essential for appropriate qualities identification and practices linked with culturally responsive teaching.

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None the less, the gap that is existing in some cultural knowledge is by far, and it can make a difference at school in the achievement of the students. Name of popular TV series, movie or game may seem inconsequential, but they are the much more significant challenge symptoms. Comprehending the diverse background of the students have had to become biculture or bi-dialectical for most schools fitting, the teachers should strive to learn the language, learning skills, values and social customs of their students. The third space notion can be employed to teach students from other cultures. Using a curriculum that is culturally based that links the knowledge of academic content with indigenous cultural experience is the foremost step in third space creation.

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Teachers should let the students know that their synthesis, analysis, and evaluative efforts are valued. The students should be allowed by the teachers to see themselves as the knowledge producers and not the knowledge consumers. Giving feedback that is effective The success of the students’ depends on the input of the teacher, and its varying is by race and gender. Girls and students of color should get feedback based on the work neatness, physical appearance, and personality while the white males get feedback that is focusing on the achievement in academic and effort. All students ought to get feedback that brings out their work positive aspect. Setting up relationships that are positive with the families is particularly important for marginalized and culturally diverse students who are disproportionately found to be having problems in behavior.

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Meeting with families out of the school, inviting the families to the school, giving out meeting times that are flexible and requesting the families to contribute knowledge on culture in enhancing the classroom are instructional strategies that should be applied by teachers. When the parents of the language minority group in the school are involved in the schooling of the children, they will help the students in achieving academic motivation at a higher level and improve the performance. When the parents are involved actively in, and they understand the activities of the school, they become able better in helping and supporting the children activities of learning regardless of the ethnic backgrounds. One of the components of cross-cultural learning experience that is necessary is the home visits as it helps teachers to understand better their students as well as their families.

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