The Eradication of Poverty and the Enhancement of Human Development

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But for most poor people earning two dollars a day might prove difficult. This is what is termed as extreme poverty, where an individual cannot earn at least $2 per day. Moderate or relative poverty, on the other hand, is when an individual can only earn $3. 10 or less per day (Shawki, 2016). For extreme poverty, the set standard is the same globally, but relative poverty differs depending on different countries and also changes drastically over time. Fighting against the spread HIV/AIDS and other diseases like malaria and cancer and other diseases is an action that can be achieved by watching our diets, having safe sex and having clean environment. By ensuring that the public knows this information it’s the first step on eradicating these diseases.

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Environmental sustainability can be achieved if steps are taken globally to ensuring that the environment is clean always and pollution is reduced to the minimum. Final Global partnership, the UN and other bodies ensure that all these goals are achieved by rallying countries to support in the efforts to eradicate poverty. The Official Development Assistance is a fund that was agreed upon that rich countries would offer 0. Lack of education One very familiar saying is that education is the key to success and this statement is evidenced when you look at many of the developed countries. Access to education creates an opportunity for people to learn new things and it is only by learning that one is able to come up with new ideas.

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Most people that live below the poverty line do not have access to an education system. Therefore, most of them have never entered a classroom in their entire life. Economic trends: rich-poor The rich continue to be rich while the poor poorer, this is one common phrase used when it comes to talking about social classes. This can either be done by enhancing one’s abilities or creating conditions that will encourage human development. Human abilities are enhanced having knowledge acquired through the right form of information which is mostly achieved through education. Knowledge helps individuals have a means to sustain their livelihood thereby acquire decent standards of living. This will promote long and healthy lives. But it’s the responsibility of leaders to create conditions for human development such as a stable political environment that will promote communal growth.

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with human development, most people get the skill and ways to generate an income, therefore, are able to get food. Ending hunger is key when it comes to ending some of the diseases and malnutrition cases that increases mortality rate. c) Access to basic social amenities: such include, hospitals, schools and good infrastructure. Infrastructure ensures that there are better connections between all social classes furthermore it helps in the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services. A good education is a means of empowering the poor in order for them to acquire the knowledge needed for them to be able to look for means to earn more. therefore, it is important for all nations to come together and come up with ways to keep the environment safe from pollution.

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A clean environment will be achieved only if there are responsible consumption of all the available resources and also better production processes. this will have an effect on the agricultural sector will be more fruitful therefore end hunger (Ghosh et al. Having decent work will help in having economic growth. Economic growth has in this era been majorly influenced by affordable energy prices and also how the industrial and innovation sectors are faring well. In Sierra Leone a visually impaired man voted for the first time this year, practicing his right to choose the leader he wants. References Bergeijk, P. A. G. , & Hoeven, R. Kabeer, N. , Canadian International Development Agency. , Commonwealth Secretariat. , & International Development Research Centre (Canada). Gender mainstreaming in poverty eradication and the millennium development goals: A handbook for policy-makers and other stakeholders.

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