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The way in which things have become more real is an essential tool through which various understanding has been established. Through film, the different cultural orientation of different people has been made known. The components of the family have also been outlined clearly through film realization. It means that sociological imagination has become a fundamental principle to cultural orientation and reshaping of society. An entertaining film that can be understood through a sociological imagination is “The manufactured landscapes,” which was directed by Edward Burtynsky (Crang, 2010). The channels identified by the film provides subsequent and relevant highlight that can sustainably enhance all the issues that were identified. Recycle yards, mine tailings, quarries, and leading refineries are the places that the capitalists have taken dominance. Though such identity, it is hard for society to grow in a way that promotes sustainability.

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From a sociological of view, society is at a state of disequilibrium that should be considered to align with other relevant channels effectively. Through the film, it becomes possible to look for dialogue to help understand the images which are meant as metaphors to the dilemma of the current existence to promote repulsion and seduce perpetual fear. Other scenes through the film indicate that individual has hunched over tables going about different jobs, which are focused on increasing the speed and efficiency. The ease of completing complex tasks was one interesting proponent that helped restructure and facilitate different operations that really helped to change the entire process. The filmmakers did an essential step by visiting the site of the Three Gorges Dam, which was the largest ever constructed by man to show the world how creative people were and the positive transformation that was outlined.

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It was such a great realization and advancement across the global sphere. The three cities were also another essential way to indicate the effectiveness of the process and displaced millions of people, which was a problem of the capitalist (Hughes, 2013). The natural environment is being preserved by the elements which have become one of the principal components that help in the realization of effectiveness and right proponents. The different toxic materials are being considered, which is a great realization and ensure that proper subjects that are important in society, such as waste management are realized in the right way. The way in which different issues have become a significant component has been expertly designed and structured. The film is very systematic in expressing the way in which the current society took to become the way it is seen.

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Even though the issue of globalization is critical, different vital steps have been neglected. The people within the developed regions have suffered a great deal before the manufactured landscapes became a reality. The realization of different facets of the issues of development has been done instinctively in a clear way to show the way in which various undertakings and understanding that try as much as possible to help the entire process become effective. The film brings on board sociological imagination that allows visualizing the society in a more distinct and sociological way. This is an important aspect that has really helped to change the way in which things are being done. From the first scene to the end, the film has provided information that helps to align issues that happen in the current society through the use of the imaginative sociological framework.

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Race relations and the sociological imagination.  American Sociological Review, 879-890. Hughes, E. C.  On work, race, and the sociological imagination.

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