Vanuatus Broken Dream Case Study

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Leadership in Vanuatu was good for 12 years after independence; thereafter, opportunists who didn’t care for the well-being of the country seized power to maximize on their own benefit. This is clearly illustrated by how there are poor living conditions shown in the video, yet tourists are better treated by building them good toilets; justified by minute 2:00 of the video where Peter George states, “There’s a cozy built public toilet block with running water and septic system for tourist use only of course. ” A local; Kami, goes on and addresses a foreigner by saying, “We would like to have a toilet like that; for the community. ” This clearly indicates the fact that the five communities in the Island have poor living conditions since they don’t have good toilets with even water supply or septic system.

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This could easily propagate germ-related diseases such as cholera. For instance; a government official asks himself, “Should I take this public money or use t purposefully?” Ethics, therefore, designs rules and principles through which such a question may be answered (Makarenko, 2007). From Vanuatu's broken dream video, there are some obvious ethical issues of government that have been identified. They include; fraud and theft by elected officials, misuse of public property, individual dealing and conflict of interest and finally immorality in conduct. Fraud and theft by elected officials: In the video we are shown that people in high places receive close to $1. 2 million and make it disappear into thin air, leaving expected activities from the money unattended to. Who should be responsible for rectifying issues that have been identified? Explain.

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The Government should be responsible. The government should be in charge of all country operations to enhance the country’s economy, relationship with the world and general development. It should also be responsible for dealing directly with issues that undermine integrity in its operations; in this case, tourism. Towards the end of the video at around the 9th minute, Peter George states, “Meanwhile, ineptitude, cronyism and corruption run so deep, that even recently, elected Prime Minister Moana Carcasas admits, it's endemic. Discuss how Australian and/or Vanuatu’s governments could have resolved identified issues. The Australian government should create a commission to manage money flow. This would boost transparency of the funds and the public would know what the money is used for by the commission accounting for it.

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From the video, there isn’t a credible commission since Peter George states, “The fact is, tourist dollars have driven divisions, distrust and dishonesty into a community of mainly subsistence farmers; with no experience of dealing with the cash-flow. ” This statement clearly indicates lack of transparency, accountability and agency representation. In as much as they seem loyal and truthful, they may be acting in disguise from worry that monitors may discover their schemed fraud suppose they are not in the public eye for a while. Government officials should also be shifted from their workstations from time to time. This is effective in that the new station occupant may unveil malicious activity of the former (Stephen Reed, 2014). The hiring of experts: The government should employ more Anti-Fraud Commissions to come up with relevant strategies on how to fish out corrupt individuals in the government.

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