The Use of Radical Behaviourism in Behaviour Change

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From the year 1885 to the year 1974, he was serving as the professor of psychology at the Harvard University (Walsh, 2018). He came up with many concepts that have not only improved the educational system in the United States of America but also the entire continents that make up the globe. One of the outstanding food for thought concepts of psychology he came up with was the radical behaviorist theory. He is regarded as the first proponent of the operant conditioning. It should be understood that all his ideas were purely based on the work of the law of effect established by Thorndike. Therefore I will have to come up with a set of behavioral goals or objectives that will help me to gauge the student to what the desired behavior that will satisfier that indeed he is no good to go.

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Based on what is have observed critically on the student, four set of goals include the following; having good behaviour while in class and outside school, remaining focussed in class while I am teaching, improve in his academics and finally, being a role model for the whole level and school in general and for the students to emulate. 0) Determination of the Appropriate Reinforcers Under this chapter, the next step will be involving the effective and appropriate reinforcer to assist me as the teacher in ensuring that desired goals are achieved, and this will make my student Rad improve a lot. Reinforcers are basically, ideas or concepts that activate and increase the possibility of a specific behavior or response. I will have to use both positive and negative reinforcers with the primary intention of helping Rad become a good student.

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As stated earlier this project will take about three months, the time will be enough for me, and I genuinely believe the desired change will be witnessed as supported by BF Skinner. There are two processes under this chapter for example; I will carry out the implementation procedure and later oj record the results after the operation (after the lessons shall have ended). The first step will be placing Rad to seat on the front desks next to, and this is done intentionally, to provide with me excellent opportunity to monitor his behaviors closely and furthermore, he will be forced to pay attention due to fear of being watched by me. Pacing him at the front part of the class will not be for a short time, he will stay therefore until the three months window period is over.

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Moreover, I will suggest as their class teacher for him to remain there until the end of the semester. 0) Implementing Procedures and Record Results From the experiment, all the processes were successful in that, and positive change was witnessed. Rad had improved drastically from below average student to above average academically talented student. The leadership roles and various awards are given to him played a decisive role in molding his behaviors to the accepted ones. The methods used in this research involved qualitative and quantitative research approach for example, as his I teacher I was able to directly observe the positive behavior change that Rad was expressing and this was after the reinforcements were introduced in his learning. On the quantitative analysis, Rad has substantially improved in his marks, and he is gaining high momentum in his academics bypassing many subjects that initially he was failing, for example, mathematics and physical science.

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