Ways in which our view on marriage have changed in post-modernity

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In this regard, it is worth saying that, in modern times, the traditional form of marriage is not the only acceptable one. Today’s media keeps on giving us stories which suggest to us that lifelong marriage and heterosexual love is an ancient thing. Stories of celebrities breaking up, increased rate of prostitution and the continued push for same-sex marriage is an indication that the marriage institution is not the way it used to be. Sociologist also has been so much concerned about the increased rate of unwed parenting. With the new change in the social perspectives regarding marriage, there are other acceptable forms of marriage. In a study done by David Buss to establish the expectation of people towards expected marriage partners among the college students, it was found that contrary to the old days, the contemporary men value women with higher financial prospects.

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Most young people have seen marriage as an economic affair, and therefore, the responsibilities of the family should not be a one man’s affair. According to Ruggles 2015, the family tradition has changed from a patriarchal culture where the man was the sole breadwinner, to that modern family where family partners are dual earners. This connotes that some of the changed marriage views have been contributed by economic matters rather than a change in societal values1. On the side of the ladies, contrary to the expectation, an industrious man was not considered as an essential factor when choosing the best husband. Moreover, people have started slotting in physical traits when selecting the marriage partner. Notwithstanding, the process of marriage has become less complicated unlike in ancient times.

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In the postmodern society, couples must not involve the community in the process of marrying but can cohabitate. In postmodern society, there has been an increased number of informal relationships, especially in Western Europe. In some countries, intimate relationships have been branded as the act of cohabitation. He asserts that technological advancement has supported the widened gap between the reach and the poor. Due to financial constraints, therefore, poor married couples ought to disregard the notion of marriage as a base for procreation. They decide to use all the measure that they can to ensure that only get the number of children that they can manage to take care of. Fulfillment and satisfaction have guided postmodern marriage. Laws have been enacted allowing men and women to divorce any time they feel uncomfortable in their marriages.

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They, therefore, maintained their marriage regardless of whatever problems that runs through their marriage. Most traditional couples used to suffer in silence with fewer complaints to ensure that their marriage was sustained. However, the postmodern times is characterized by myriad individualism. Rather the parents adoring the marriage institution by giving it the commitment that it deserves, the current parents have become obsessed with achieving the personal goals. For instance, Women have become more reluctant with carrying out their roles of taking care of their children is they advance their studies as well as taking work responsibilities. In this regard, therefore, people have regarded cohabitation or even staying single as a solution to meeting their self-interests. Secularism and how it has affected postmodern views on marriage Before post modernity, people followed religious doctrines to the latter.

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Religions were the basis for morality in most societies. Since most religions adore the marriage institution, there were minimal divorce cases, and also people practiced the heterosexual marriage mode. Even today, for the people who cherish the religious doctrines, they accept that marriage is a sacred institution that ought to be adored. Religion and laws and how they have affected our views on marriage Unlike in the traditional times where the church aimed at transmitting the values and the faith of the forefathers, the church today has contributed significantly to the changed views of people towards marriage. It is important to note that people’s religion and laws of the land has a vital role to play in the process of shaping the marriage and family institution.

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They have a direct influence on people’s attitude towards divorce and family conflicts6. Other a place where people are to be imparted with the faith of the ancient fathers, religion in most countries like America has become a place for self-development. It is a place where people go for personal growth. Again the rising price of same-sex marriage needs to take care off. As people’s views towards marriage continue to change to the negative the religions should be vigilant in condemning cases homosexuality and at the same time emphasizing the purpose of marriage. References Isen, Adam, and Betsey Stevenson.  Women’s education and family behavior: Trends in marriage, divorce and fertility. Working Paper 15725. Rugles, Steven. Patriarchy, power, and pay: The transformation of American families, 1800–2015.

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