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Gates developed his love for computers at the age of 8 years old when he successfully builds his first computer program. He attended a private lakeside school ate the age of 13 years old. It was in this school that bill gate get introduced to computers and due to his passion for computers, he saw that a dream come true because his desires were being fulfilled. He used the institution computers to develop and program basic computer programs such as his first game ‘tic-tac-toe' which he programmed alone without the help of anybody. His parents and the school were so much willing to help him pursue his career through both moral and financial support, it was here that the urge for computer grew in him and he was actually determined to bring the best out of it even though his parents wanted him to pursue education and get the top of his class for a better tomorrow.

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Despite the obstacles and challenges he went through while growing up, he was optimistic that he was going to pursue his dream. His work ethic was actually hard work and sacrifice which he really focused on perfecting his skills wherever he comes across any computers. While at the elementary school he was focused and determined that no matter the obstacles he will conquer and become successful in life, his breakthrough was when he was obligated by the school to monitor the bugs and identify them so that he would be given unlimited access to computers something that further motivated him to go ahead and make sure that he reports any bugs to the system which were making the security to be that weak.

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